Brand new collectible card game

Live 1Q 2018


Game campaign spreads across a wide world with 30+ playable locations

Unique mix of fantasy and cyberpunk universes.

Over 75 missions to complete in campaign mode.


Niwill is one of the Veiza Empire port towns on banks of the Western Ocean. This little town serves as the base of operation to queen’s forces and as a temporal capital of Veiza Empire shaken by The Cataclysm.


Sea around Deepwater was rich with water monsters of different kinds and so Deepwater grew as a small stronghold. Brave people from all over the Empire came to Deepwater to test their skills against water monsters, forming a very strong garrison.


Lochspell is a small village halfway between the Capital and Niwill town. Small Lochspell community often suffers from wild animals, terrorizing them. One of nearby magic guilds sends young magi here to practice battle magic while protecting local people from these beasts.


Alefort is one of four strongholds, guarding the southern border of Veiza Empire. It resides on the very edge of a vast desert. The desert is a lifeless place but it hides wild and hostile tribes deep in the dunes.


Shandar is the capital of Veiza Empire. Or at least it was, before The Cataclysm. Currently half of the city lies in ruins, crashed in massive impact with the main magi guild city and the Dark Cloud is hanging in the sky above once glorious city of Shandar.

Uniqe world inhabited with 3 races struggling against common enemy

Humans are the dominant race in the world of Future lost.

Meeta are file bestial species that use shamanic magic and mechanics to create golems.

Lansins are blue-skinned descendants of elementals, skilled in high magic.

And finally, there are humans, that came from a cyberpunk future of this world!

Defeat your enemies in intense battles

Battle arenas have all the well-known and beloved mechanics from traditional card games, complemented by a large number of unique and notable innovations.

Download the game and see for yourself!


Over 200 cards in initial release spread across 3 character races.

A whole range of other cool features!

Different play modes for all tastes

Future Lost can be played in single player campaign mode, one-on-one PvP, multiplayer, with more surprises to come in future add-ons

Develop your hero’s skill to win battles

Advanced hierarchy of unique skills, which can be developed as the hero gains experience in battles and collects new cards.

Choose one of 50+ skills and build a deck to work with it flawlessly.

Advanced deck builder

Sophisticated deck builder allowing you to store multiple card decks, perform an in-depth analysis of your chosen set and tailor your strategy for upcoming battle

Unique craft system

Unlike other games, we have implemented a proper crafting system, allowing committed players to truly distinguish themselves from other gamers

Explore Veiza Empire

A whole new universe of Veiza Empire, populated by different races and creatures was developed for Future Lost. Game spans across several time eras, with elements of both fantasy and cyberpunk. Explore Veiza and save the planet!

Immense game world

Don’t like online battles, want to improve your skills or simply interested in exploring new universe at your own pace? We have over 150 missions available in single player mode spread across 3 worlds and 30 locations for gamers to enjoy

Cross platform gaming

Game will initially be available on iOS and Android with potential release on Steam in the near future

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